Highgate - London

Traditional and contemporary references intertwined in this North London front garden to re-create a sense of connection between architecture, interiors and gardens.


The chosen materiality borrows references from the beautiful and elegant Edwardian architecture, connecting its traditional features to the modern new elements.

STATUS: Completed in 2023

Architecture: MWAI architects

Interior Design: Annabel Grimshaw Design

Home construction: Beam Development

Landscape Construction: Ryan Alexander Associates

Photography: Julie Skelton

  An important part of this design was to requalify the spaces to re-create a sense of entrance, separated from the more functional areas that a front garden requires.


For this design, we transformed the overall slope and redistributed the level difference within the entire space, playing with steps, resting places and connections between hard and soft landscapes, to make the new garden attractive yet simple.


The planting design includes various shapes and textures, like low clipped hedges, hiding the side access to the rear garden from the street.  A selection of evergreen foliages will complement pale blooms to bring light into the garden, with a colour palette borrowing shades and colours from the garden and house materials.