Design Process

We offer a complete landscape and garden design service, as well as planting design consultancy. Our approach is flexible and and bespoke, and we work on a variety of different projects from urban courtyard to country estates.

Our close collaboration with architects, interiors designers, landscape contractors and craftsmen allow to offer our clients a seamless experience from Concept Design to completed projects.  





Every design starts with an initial consultation and site visit.  

Our first meeting together allows us to discuss your vision and needs for the garden. We also take the time to explore and understand the potential of the landscape, the existing different spaces and how the site sits within its surroundings.


Following this meeting, a design proposal is sent to you, outlining a detailed brief based on our conversation, our fee structure, design process and drafted timeline.



Concept Design

Once your brief is confirmed, the design can commence. 

A topographical survey of the site is carried out by a professional surveyor, outlining landforms, built structures, trees and utilities, on which we will base our design.


Each Concept Design is bespoke and unique. At the end of this phase, we present you with our site analysis, Concept Design proposals including a plan and 3D visuals, as well as various mood boards illustrating our design intentions and ambiences.



Developed Design

The Concept Design is then developed into a more detailed Masterplan...

...capturing your feedback on our first design presentation and adjusting any of the proposed layouts.


This second phase allows for the development of materials palettes, lighting scheme, outdoor furniture, built structures, etc - every detail is developed aesthetically with you before being technically drawn into the next design stage.



Technical Design

Once all aesthetics of the garden have been approved, we develop a large set of technical drawings.

We lock ourselves in the studio and put together a complete package of technical drawings and specifications, which will allow for the project to be costed accurately and built exactly as per our vision.  


Every detail counts and cannot be left for interpretation on site so it is crucial time is allocated to this phase. This package includes various plans, sections, technical details, as well as setting out plans and intent plans for coordination with lighting designers, structural and drainage engineers when and if required.



Planting Design

Plants are at the heart of each of our designs, so the Planting Design starts at a very early stage along with the rest of the landscape design.  

We love to work with you on this, ensuring you are part of every step of the process, from planting ambiances, planting combinations and the final planting palettes.


Once the plants selections are signed off, we produce detailed Planting Plans showing the locations of each proposed species, along with planting schedules listing plants species, quantities and sizes to allow for an accurate costing of the planting scheme. All trees, shrubs and plants are carefully sourced, supplied and set out on site by us.



Tender, Construction & After-care

The Tender package is then prepared and sent to landscape contractors to quote.

Over the years, we developed relationships with several experienced and trusted teams that can bring our designs to life, and who share our passion for detail and very high-quality build standards. All tender returns are then analysed and shared with you in detail in view to appoint your chosen landscape contractor.


We closely follow the construction of each project to ensure a great coordination between all contractors and consultants as well as making sure the project is built as per our design.  Our involvement on site also allows to monitor progress, resolve any issues or adjust any changes that might arise during the build, and report to you after every inspection. 


After completion and hand-over of the garden, we love to remain involved in its development, and we can offer to visit on an agreed basis to check the plants are establishing well and adjust any of the maintenance care.