Our Approach

Our designs are drawn by a play between strong and clean lines informed by the architecture and site surroundings, and generous, rich and naturalistic planting.

Collaborating with architects and interior designers and placing plants at the heart of our work, we seek to bring meaningful and harmonious connections between the architecture, interiors and contextual surroundings to link spaces and develop relationships between them.

Specialised in Planting Design, we are led by a love of plants and a great attention to detail, making our gardens beautiful, timeless, and carefully thought out, where colours, textures, blooms and materials are combined into gorgeous palettes.

Our approach is flexible and bespoke to each of our clients needs, offering a complete landscape and design service to planting design consultancy, accompanying you every step of the way.

Coralie is one of the most talented landscape designers we have the chance to work with. We’ve worked together on several projects and every detail is always carefully thought for both the clients and the team creating her beautiful designs – a priceless collaboration in delivering amazing gardens.


When we chose to re-design our garden, I knew that I wanted Coralie to design it. I had worked with her on a few previous projects and absolutely loved her work and how she was able to completely bring another sense of place to spaces with plants. I feel that we achieved to create the perfect garden for me and my family. She has been truly wonderful to work with and we couldn’t recommend her more highly.


We could not recommend Coralie enough, working with her has been a pleasure from beginning to end. Coralie has managed every aspect of our project with knowledge and professionalism including liaising with external contractors. Our garden has been transformed into an oasis of calm and tranquility with care and attention to stick to the brief of ensuring a beautiful space all year round. Coralie's knowledge of gardens and plants is incredibly extensive and she has excelled at creating a lush and beautiful space. We would not hesitate to work with her again for our next project.


Coralie was introduced to me by a trusted landscape contractor with whom I have enjoyed a long and happy working relationship, so I knew she would be the right sort of person to help with a large estate remodeling project in Sussex, full of potential. Adopting a very positive and interactive approach she has helped our team develop an additional dimension to our design philosophy of thinking everything through as a seamless entity from the interior through the architecture to the exterior, blending bold creative ideas with the subtle restoration and revitalisation of historic buildings and landscape to bring our clients vision for their wonderful property to life.



Coralie has always been passionate about plants and it seemed obvious since childhood that she would dedicate her professional life to the creation of spaces dedicated to them.


She graduated in France from degrees in Sciences of Agronomy and Environment, and then in Horticulture, where she gained technical knowledge and experience working for different organisations across Europe.

Keen to pursue a career more aligned with her creative nature, she joined the Haute Ecole du Paysage, de l’Ingénieurie et d’Architecture (HEPIA) in Geneva where she graduated as a Landscape Architect in 2012, before moving to the UK to follow her love of English gardens and planting.

Over the years, Coralie has worked for several landscape design practices in London, including award-winning designer and broadcaster Matthew Wilson, with whom she collaborated in the design and delivery of his RHS Chelsea Flower Show garden in 2016.  Shortly after this, she joined the UK leading Marcus Barnett Studio, where she worked as a Lead Designer on a wide range of high-end projects in UK and internationally, from urban roof gardens to large country gardens and estates, prior to set up her own design practice.

Today, she brings more 10 years’ experience in landscape architecture, garden design, horticulture consultancy and project management to ensure a smooth process of your project from start to finish.

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