Highgate - London

Working with important changes of levels in defining spaces and uses for a contemporary and family-friendly garden in London.


An important part of the design was to allow for the existing hard structures connected to the architecture to be softened and complemented by a beautiful multi-layered and lush planting design.

STATUS: Completed in 2022

Architecture: MWAI architects

Interior Design: Annabel Grimshaw Design

Home construction: Beam Development

Landscape construction: Ryan Alexander Associates

Photography: Julie Skelton

The existing tall retaining walls had been built as part of a recent house extension and renovation, enclosing a lower terrace.  


There, we created a lounging and entertainment area, surrounded by raised beds, planters and pots of different height to soften the terrace’s boundaries, as well as provide lush, evergreen and seasonal planting to contemplate from the adjacent living spaces all year around.


The segmentation of the remaining upper garden space allowed to create an open and wide central lawn as well as a more intimate area with a new outdoor building - both surrounded by planting including evergreen foliage, multi-stem trees, climbing plants and delicate blooms. 


The careful selection of materials allowed to connect the different outdoor spaces to the architecture and interiors.  The planting design complement beautifully the old and new materials in the garden.  Delicate peach, rusty and oranges integrate the corten steel steps and edges texture to the scheme, while limy and pale blooms contrast with the grey stone and new decking on the upper levels.