East Sussex

A series of rooms surrounding a majestic Manor House in East Sussex.


This majestic Manor House sits within 12 acres of mature landscapes and parklands overlooking the Downs and surrounding countryside.

STATUS: In development

Architecture: James Lambert Architects

The Manor House, dating from circa 1760-1780, was recently entirely renovated to its former glory, mixing old and new references within its stunning interiors. A wonderful combination of materials, textures and floral tapestries that we wished to extend to the immediate landscape surrounding the residence.


Our design is drawn by the exceptional character of the place and its history, and focuses today on the upper half of the site, creating a series of rooms across the landscape.


Each garden is informed by a different ambience and functionality, with formal, rectilinear lines around the Manor, softly becoming more organic and disappearing into the horizon. The main lawn at the back of the property includes a number of wide ornamental planting beds, echoing the formal topiaries and walled gardens, and allowing for the architecture to sits within its environment.


An approach that allows us to enrich these spaces with lush and romantic planting around the new terraces and entertainment spaces, strategically placed to enjoy the uninterrupted views of the countryside.


At places, large meadows and meandering paths are implemented for a seamless and greater connection to the wider landscape. Woodlands across the site are refined and enhanced with a wider species variety, punctuated by wooden structures inviting wildlife to inhabit the place.